Promotion in social networks or just SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is a more important part of the website promotion than you think. It may help to bring your website to the top, to lead new customers / readers, increase your website visitors and the reputation of the website on the Internet. It’s not very difficult to manage accounts in social media networks but it brings very good results.


4 SEO methods that don’t work anymore

Modern SEO progressed far from the simple solutions when taking the top of the SERPs can be by the quantity, not the quality. Now search engines evaluate the hundreds of page parameters. Therefore, first of all, for the promotion you need to analyze tons of information and to think about every step. In this article you will know 4 SEO methods that are in use but don’t work anymore. Stay in the swim 😉

Causes of bad indexation of a site (checklist for troubleshooting)

SEO is connected with indexation of websites by search engines. Why search engines index badly some websites? Maybe you have some errors that don’t permit SEs to index it? I made a checklist so you could find problems on your site if they exist. Read this article if you want to know why your site or its individual pages are still not in the index and how to change this situation.

Causes of bad indexation of a site (check list for troubleshooting)