About Me

Hi my name is Eliss,

I’m happy to introduce you my blog about ads networks.

The modern technology and Internet give us the opportunity to earn money staying at home. I mean Internet marketing, affiliate programs etc. Furthermore many people are looking for extra revenue to cover their bills and debts. But!

What do you know about internet affiliate marketing and affiliate companies or affiliate sites? Or about CPM, CPL, CPC or CPA advertising networks? What is CPA marketing? What is affiliate advertising?

The ElissNetworksBlog.com, it’s a blog that was created to show you more about these domains. I would like to tell you about the biggest affiliate sites and just developing companies in Internet market. There are a lot of different names, some of them very popular, others not at all.

If you are interested in this way of earning money, you’ve chosen the right place to know more about everyone before to choose something is the most suitable for you. This site will aid you to choose the way you may to earn using affiliate networks, CPA advertising networks etc. In Internet you may find all kinds of earnings and if now you hear about it for the first time I’ll tell you about CPA networks for beginners or I’ll help to find affiliate offers.

These companies differ by their traffic and types of commissions, by terms of payment and ways to pay, by promotional methods and tools for this promotion.

The most of these companies specialize on something, for example, they may be focused on dating, on mobile apps, on books and media, on fashion, on autos, on some inventions, on online games and even on health meaning that medicaments. As you can see there is the widest breadth suited to every fancy that’s why some of the networks don’t stop on something one of all this variety and try to generate traffic for several domains at the same time. It allows them to make their company many-sided and attract more advertisers and publishers.

We’ll examine all the pros and cons of all companies step by step. We’ll speak about the best affiliate marketing networks and the worst ones. We’ll discuss all the best affiliate products. I’ll try to make a list of affiliate marketing companies and all kinds of ad networks.

You read it and don’t understand why I write all this. Maybe somebody will ask me why I decided to create the blog on that subject? What for?

It’s simple. I was working in these areas and when I just started everything was unusual and abstruse. It has taken a lot of time for me to find something the most convenient. I’ve read “swarms” of information about different online advertising networks and marketing affiliate programs. I’ve investigated all about CPA marketing, CPM advertising networks, dating affiliate programs, mobile ad networks and many others. It’s boring and I decided to create something like a “CPM, CPL, CPC and CPA guide” or a “beginners guide to affiliate marketing” to make the start in these domains easier for newcomers of this business.

I’ll try to help you to avoid scammers and unreliable companies that can attract your attention by their “fantastic” affiliate offers that will be beneficial only for them. I faced with lots of tricksters so I think I could help my readers to discover the affiliate marketing as one of the best ways to earn extra money without any cash investment and moreover with extra bonuses at the start of cooperation. I want to proof that there are lots of trustworthy companies. I’m going to tell you about companies that have already proofed their faithfulness, that you may give credence to and that I consider to be real devices for extra earnings.

Many publishers and affiliate partners of the companies I will talk about in the beginning have already made sure in their honesty and straight dealings. It’s your turn to believe

I’m really aimed to assist you.

I think you are interested in who I am or maybe not 🙂 Nevertheless, I decided to get to know better my readers or it would be better to say that I decided to make myself known to readers of my blog.

First of all, if you read it you are one of the readers of my blog and I would like to thank you for this.

I created this blog as you may read on the home page because I was working in these domains for few years and I worked with a great part of the companies I will talk about or already told about. I communicated with a great number of managers of affiliate networks as a publisher and as an advertiser too so I think that I’m enough experienced to talk about it and answer the questions of my readers if they have or will have some questions to ask me.

So, what can I say about myself?

Eliss is my screen moniker or pseudonym, as you want. I think many of you already thought about it. Therefore, my real name is Alesya.

Why I decided to work in this domain?

I don’t know 🙂 One day I just decided to know more about it, and then I saw how many companies working in affiliate marketing and how many people success in it. I decided to see all it from inside and the result was amazing for me! I understood how it easy to start, how it easy to earn money staying at home. All you need it’s an access in the Internet. For few years I was learning lots of information about every network that I faced in some blogs and other sources. These searches took me a lot of time that I could spend earning money in trusting companies. But when I knew all I know nowadays I understood that possessing this information I could help people to find their own way, to find the company that will be the most convenient to everyone of you. It’s became my aim and now you are reading my blog that is my tool to achieve this aim, to give you all needed information to get started in this business.

I believe that my blog may be very helpful for some people who want to start earning money or some extra money for himself or for his family. I like this business because everyone may earn here, it’s not important who are you and how old are you, where are you and other details, you need only have a wish. I don’t say you that you became a millionaire in a few days, no, but you may earn good addition to your salary. Some of affiliates earn about $800-1000 USD per month, some of them earn more or less but it’s their gain. To earn you need your own site. It is always difficult to start but I think you will do this without the minimum of difficulties.

Thank you,
Yours Eliss.