Panthera Interactive. Predators in affiliate marketing industry.

Finally! An article about Panthera Interactive! Are you waiting for it? Anyway I already wrote it  In this article I tell you about Panthera Interactive offers, why Panthera was named “Panthera” and other interesting facts about the company. Just click and read it to know a bit more about affiliate network are you interested in.

Panthera Interactive

Cupid Media affiliate network and its opportunities.

Cupid is not only the famous god of love but it’s a well-known company based in Australia. They are famous for the dating services provided and for the quality. Cupid Media focuses on dating websites basing on religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or special interests. Delivering you their promotional tools, they give you opportunity to make money online.

Cupid Affiliate


What is ClickBooth? About ClickBooth affiliate network. About their allowed and not allowed types of traffic. A bit of history and about CB success. Why you need to choose them? A bit about their methods of work. Why it’s difficult to get accepted for beginners? About cons of CB affiliate network.


NeverBlue Network.
Pros, cons and a little history about one of the most famous affiliate program. NeverBlue and its popularity in affiliate marketing. Difficulties in approving. The customer support service, affiliate managers. NeverBlue mobile and their generous offers for publishers.
If you din’t hear about this network or you heard about in and would like to know more, read the whole review on my blog.