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ClickBooth Affiliate Network. One more opportunity to earn via Internet.


Today I’m willing to tell you about ClickBooth (CB).

Who are they? As you may guess it is one more CPA Network from my list of affiliate networks. If you visit my site for a first time I don’t talk about some “Black List”…on the contrary – about the best ones.

So… we already discussed some of them and you may find them here if you are interested in it.

Well, ClickBooth is my topic of this day 🙂

ClickBooth is a worldwide company founded in 2002 by John Lemp in Florida. Nowadays it became one of the biggest affiliate networks with high market of offers for advertisers and publishers.

ClickBooth proposes two methods of work: CPC and CPA.

The TOP 20 of CPA Networks 2015 put ClickBooth on the 4th place after NeverBlue.

Affiliate platform and offers.

Clickbooth affiliate network provides its platform as many other affiliate networks. Working with CB, publishers get access to hundreds of exclusive offers and to the largest advertisers in marketing industry. All it “promises” high payouts =)

Your success and your earnings depend only on you as Clickbooth will give you an access to quality and exclusive offers that can guarantee the highest returns.

CB is known for the professional and friendly affiliate managers which work with publishers and advertisers. They can help if somebody has some questions. They are really professionals who know the way to generate traffic, make conversions and finally make money.

CB has an amazing option: affiliate/publisher can contact the managers and they will make special offers individually for you, f.ex. What do you think about VIP offers just for your website?

ClickBooth’s allowed traffic.

CB accepts different types of traffic but Incentives and Blogging. As for permitted traffic, it can be organic, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email, contextual advertising, different ad networks. In my opinion, they allow enough of types of traffic so publishers could choose.

In conclusion, I can say that they have not many cons, only one – It’s difficult for beginner affiliates to get in as they accept more often those who know how to work as an affiliate/publisher, I mean those who have experience in affiliate marketing.

It’s never bad to try! Have a chance with ClickBooth affiliate network.

Thanks for reading my blog.


  • Aditi Gawade

    We are looking for a Partner/
    Publisher who can work with us for generating CPL base leads in India, via Web
    Marketing, Email Marketing or other platform.

    To get a better clarity please provide the following

    1) Do you offer CPL ,CPA, CPM Campaign services and if yes,
    Have you ever worked on Educational domain?

    2) Could you share few clients name for reference?

    3) What kind of marketing platform you use to generate

    4) What are the Average CPL’s,CPA, CPM Campaign for
    different industry / domains you have worked for?