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Hi my dear readers,

Last time I was telling you about PeerFly. The next company we’ll discuss is ClickDealer that was created in the United Kingdom in 2005. They also propose different types of offers to their partners. Like previous company they promote mobile apps, dating sites and many others. ClickDealer works on CPA basis and they are focused on the lead generation. Working with almost all kinds of resources, they made their name very popular among publishers and advertisers and became one of the best ad networks for publishers working with mobile traffic and for those who works in a dating niche.

ClickDealer have for their publishers the exclusive CPA offers, plus publishers may find a large choice of creative tools for the promotion these offers for all platforms: mobile or web. There are exclusive banners, the possibility of promotion in search engine and different types of media networks. ClickDealer accepts all types of traffic but incentivized and fraudulent ones. So, the fraudulent traffic nobody likes, either networks no advertisers 🙂 But incentivized traffic is enough popular among some networks. You may find the list of Incentive friendly networks in Affiliate Programs’ subpage on my site. Even PeerFly accepts this type of traffic.

So, today we are talking about ClickDealer. Let’s continue 🙂

ClickDealer team likes to deliver different events like contests and to give gifts to their publishers. If you see their FaceBook page you’ll understand that these guys are everywhere: the Phoenix Forum, ClickDealer Barcelona Meetup, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, Las Vegas, San Francisco, China, Amsterdam etc. They organize forums, meetings, parties and often take part in different marketing and non marketing events.

ClickDealer with its active and positive team earned and still earning confidence of publishers/affiliates and advertisers/merchants all over the world. Publishers receive detailed reports and real-time statistics; it gives the opportunity to monitor your ups and downs in the promotional process.

As for the pros for advertisers, you may see it yourself. ClickDealer have a strong worldwide popularity. They will never generate you a fake traffic as they not accept it and they integrated “CPA Detective” as the fraud-detection system to protect the advertisers.

This month ClickDealer became a certified partner of Google, the most famous search engine. It says that ClickDealer is considered to be a trustworthy according to Google and it’s really hard to be considered by Google this way, believe me 🙂

Ellie, Jane or some other manager will introduce you in their system and help to start. Don’t be afraid because you don’t need put your money to start, you need nothing to start. Everything you need is to fill out the registration form. You may be disapproved if you fill in the wrong information: name, phone number, site and some other info. Therefore if you don’t have a website you may be also approved but only if you can provide acceptable promotional methods of the ads of ClickDealer’s offers during the application process.

As for the payments to publishers there are few variants: weekly payment, bi-weekly payment and monthly one. To be paid once a week (net-7) publishers need generate $1000 per week as minimum. They propose a multiple payment solutions (PayPal/Pioneer/wire transfer).

It’s worth to mention that ClickDealer is a CPA network that’s why publishers will not be paid for clicks and impressions.

So, I think it’s all what I can say about this network. Thanks for you have paid attention to my blog.

Yours Eliss.