Cupid Media affiliate network and its opportunities.

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Cupid Media also known as an Interracial Cupid. This company is a worldwide leader affiliate network among other dating sites. They have more than 30 million clients from different countries who are really happy with their services. Cupid Media connects different ethnic groups and its affiliate program looks for people to work together and earn money without any troubles.

Everyone can sign up for free and try out their services for just £19.99/month.

Cupid Affiliate Program.

Becoming a Cupid Media Affiliate partner is also completely free. All that you need to join it is to complete the registration form. After completing it, the application will be reviewed by Cupid affiliate Team. You can promote every of Cupid Media 35 different dating sites for all existing tastes.

Affiliate partners of Cupid Media receive 75% joining Pay Per Sale offer.

As for support team, they are trying to reply everyone during 12 hours.

Cupid Media Company was founded in 2000 in Sydney, Australia.

Restrictions of affiliate marketing program “Cupid Affiliate”.

Among existing promotional methods Cupid Affiliate doesn’t accept Facebook advertising, Incentivized traffic, adult traffic, illegal content, no SMS/MMS traffic, no classifieds traffic and other. In addition, Cupid Affiliate has restricted keywords that you cannot use promoting Cupid affiliate offers. All other restriction and detailed list of restricted keywords you may find at their website.

As it well known, Cupid Affiliate uses Cake affiliate platform that is very popular platform for affiliate marketing programs. When Cupid switched its affiliate platform to Cake, it gave them the flexibility to grow their affiliate program and offered its partners more options to monetize their international traffic.

In conclusion, Cupid Affiliate program has many restrictions but, by the way, they are worth to join because they pay good money affiliates who work hard.

Cupid Affiliate