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Hi my dear readers,

We’ll discuss affiliate marketing networks one by one. We start with ones which specialize on mobile traffic. Many of them are specialists not only in this domain and in others too but they are really good in mobile apps, games and mobile versions of different sites.

I would like to start my blogging with PeerFly network. PeerFly is very popular and you may find them in Twitter and FaceBook. You may follow them there to keep abreast of the last news and updates. As I think, you may find a lot of interesting information about them on their pages.

Before everything else, I want to acquaint you with PeerFly’s well-known logo. This eagle became a sign of the company I will talk about today.


PeerFly is a many-sided and trusting company started in 2009 in United States. They became one of the best affiliate networks for a short period of time and won respect of publishers and affiliates all over the world. They top the list of “Official Top-10 CPA Networks 2012”.

They have almost all types of traffic. Especially they are famous for their dating and mobile traffic. Everyone can earn money cooperating with them, promoting a great choice of offers starting from Dolphin Browser for Android or the game “Age of Warring Empire” for iOS to dating mobile offers and other different mobile offers for everyone, ones of the best affiliate offers.

Their affiliates may choose promotional methods. allows Banners, Contextual ads and many others. Following the link you’ll see the list of the PeerFly’s offers they propose to promote. They direct you the TOP of their offers that convert better than others.

Now they have more than 2000 offers for their affiliates and I think it isn’t their limit as the company keeps going from strength to strength. In my opinion, it’s a giant of the Internet affiliate marketing. With it’s conversion rate of 8-15% and high commissions it actually doesn’t take a genius to see the difference between PeerFly and their competitors.

To start you need only register in their system as a publisher

During the process of registration, PeerFly proposes you to choose one of several methods of payment like PayPal, Payoneer, Postal Check, or Bank Wire. You have to select one that’s more convenient to you to receive payouts but if you have some questions you may contact them at any time. In addition, you may choose the payment terms: they offer net-30, net-15, and even weekly payments. You may work with comfort 😉

I would like to mention that their team is very helpful and they will answer all questions you are interested in. PeerFly is famous for their customer support and the most knowledgeable and very friendly managers, for example Luke Kling, who is the top Affiliate Manager 2012, will help you to solve any problems. This factor makes PeerFly one of the best CPA networks for beginners as the team of this CPA advertising network is aimed to help newbies get started and provide a refresher course for anyone that needs it. But the administration is very demanding and if you are a beginner and not only a beginner you need to have your own business plan before to start working.

As for the cons of this popular network, there is only one: it’s enough hard to get accepted by administration, they have a rigorous verification process and all publishers without any exception must complete it before they start. It was made for advertisers to be safe and to avoid scammers. It may be a little bit harder to get accepted into Peerfly network but it’s worth the trouble because you may get really high commissions and earn good money!

Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate it! 😉

Yours Eliss.