1. What is ElissNetworksBlog?

ENB is a blog about affiliate networks, affiliate programs and about affiliate marketing in a general sense of this word)

  1. What are Affiliate Programs (APs)?

APs are internet advertising and different platforms that allow promoting affiliate products or some services with web site owners (named publishers or affiliates). Affiliate platform is an intermediary between affiliates/publishers and advertisers or business owners. Affiliates make money by generating orders, leads and even installs if we talk about mobile app affiliates. Advertisers pay publishers on a pay-for-performance basis.

  1. How can I make money with the help of Affiliate Marketing (AM)?

AM is a process when a company promote some products or services, usually for a fixed commission. There are several types of commissions in affiliate marketing: CPL, CPA, CPM, CPI, CPC etc. But I think I’ve named the essentials.

  1. How can I become one of affiliates/publishers of an AP?

  • Before everything else, you have to find your niche. The Internet is full of opportunities of affiliate marketing and you need to choose your niche. If you have some blog about pets or something like this, it would be more logical to choose some of Pets Affiliate programs etc.
  • Choose the way you will promote the product/services. I mean CPA, CPC, CPI etc.
  • If you don’t have a website you may create it or there are some ways to promote a service or product without it (email marketing f.ex.)
  • For start the promotion of something you need to place affiliate links in appropriate places of your site or pose banners. It would be more productive if the links/banners will be placed on the pages with similar thematic as the product you are promoting.
  1. How do all APs work?

  • Affiliates/publishers register in an advertiser’s affiliate program and get a unique affiliate link (a special URL, it contains your username or your id number).
  • You place this URL on your website.
  • Your visitors click on affiliate link and visit advertiser’s website where they have to complete some action (register/buy/install) or complete nothing. If you work with CPC offer, your task is complete and you get a commission for this click.
  • The advertiser checks you commission and if he finds it good and suitable, he approves it.
  • When the time to pay comes, an advertiser updates the reports to show all the clicks/installs/sales generated from your affiliate link and makes calculations to know how much you have earned for the month/week (depends upon a specific AP).
  • Commissions (usually they are paid out on a monthly basis but some affiliate programs pay net-7, net-15 etc.) for all sales/leads/installs will be paid to you depending upon advertiser’s payment policy (Affiliate Programs have their minimum balance that you need to reach to be paid).
  1.  Does it cost anything to start as an affiliate?

No, absolutely nothing. Be attentive, if somebody ask you for some money, it may be a scammer, a defrauder or somebody like this.

  1. Are there any specifications that my website should match?

Every Network/AP has its own specifications and demands, and before starting, you need to be approved by Advertiser.

  1. I don’t have a blog or website; can I participate in an Affiliate Program?

Yes, surely you can. You may share your affiliate link via email or with the help of sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. using your account.

  1. Can I see a list of affiliate programs?

Yes, look please at the page ‘Affiliate Programs’, choose a category and then choose an affiliate program that matches to you the most.

  1. Can I stop promoting the programs at any time?

Of course, you may stop promoting at any time you want.

(The FAQ page will grow with the time I think. If you have some question that is not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to ask me please. I’ll be happy to help you.)