10 ways to get high-quality backlinks

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Where can I get backlinks? It’s one of the main questions asked by webmasters. To find high-quality backlinks is more difficult. I described 10 ways to get high-quality backlinks for free. Maybe you have already tried some of these ways.


Make a product review

Reviews are appreciated by readers. Especially reviews of new products or services. Remember that when a new version of iPhone comes on market, everybody wants to read a review about it and to learn something new. For some of the products you can make a video review (for example, for a new auto, a mobile phone etc.).

Write a news first

News resources are ready for everything to be the first who publish an interesting news because all others will refer to their source if that news is exclusive. To write a news is not enough, you need also to notify your readers about it.

Write a guest article

Write articles on your own website is good but if you want your audience becomes bigger, you need to share a high-quality article with other sources with the same thematic (it’s guest blogging). I recommend using it to get quality backlinks but don’t make this process automatic, pay attention to all details and comments.

Develop and put on the internet a free software

A good soft always gets many recommendations and a free good soft became popular in a short period of time. Sellers in AppStore often use this method offering their products for free. Think what you can invent and develop for your customers. It can be an online product or a mobile/desktop application; it will expand the functional of a site or something else. To find out some ideas you may just see apps in AppStore or in Google Play.

Organize a competition

Competitions always attract attention, involve lots of people and give a possibility to get backlinks. Even if nobody does not refer to your website, you may write about the competition in forums and put a backlink to your website. It would be better if the competition will have the same thematic as your website and the forum where you place a backlink.

Create an online test

Every one of us participated in one of online tests existing now in the Internet: if you’re a good specialist, what country you need to life etc. People love tests and share them with each other. Of course, if you have an online store selling air conditioners, it would be difficult for you to invent some online test.

Undertake a study

Undertake a study or make some experiment are the great ways to attract attention. If someone refer to your study, you may waiting for many backlinks from other visitors. It’s not necessary to publish this study at your website, you may publish it anywhere but users must to know who is the author.

Crete a TOP list

TOP lists cause many discussions and scandals because someone one of the participants will take the last position etc. Scandals and heated discussions attract visitors and backlinks. If this TOP is justified, even some authoritative publications will refer to this TOP list.

Make a guide, a reference book or a dictionary

Every thematic has specific words that are unclear for newcomers. It’s difficult to understand all of them at the moment. Many people use Wikipedia to learn about the meaning of different terms. Create your own dictionary and explain special terms to newcomers.

Create a cool collection

It can be a collection of everything you want, for example, a collection of the best services to check the backlinks, the richest internet bloggers and so on.

Help us. What ways use you?