11 types of links that Google does not like. Official information.

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The information for this article is based on official information published at blog SEOProfiler.com by Johannes Selbach. In general, there are a lot of ways to get into troubles.

11 types of links that Google does not like. Official information.

Google doesn’t like paid links

Buying or selling links that transmit PageRank can negatively affect the ranking of your site in the search results. It includes payment links or paying posts that contain links; paying for the links with goods or services; or a proposal a free product in exchange for a review of this a product with a link.

Never buy and sell links if you do not want to risk your rating.

Google does not like active link exchange

Link exchange with other sites is quite normal. For example, the sites about the study of dolphins may refer to the other sites about the studies of dolphins without any problems and risks.

But if the link exchange looks unnatural (for example, the site about the study of dolphins will refer to the shoe store and vice versa), Google may think that you try to get “unnatural” links.

Use your common sense when exchanging links with other sites.

Google does not like massive article marketing and guest blogging

Guest blogging is normal as long as you do not do this in large quantities. If the goal of your guest blogging is only getting backlinks, your website will be punished.

Google does not like automation and services for getting backlinks

You have probably seen advertisement of tools and services that promise hundreds of backlinks that you can get without efforts. Hoping for your website’s dominance in the SERP, your chances to be banned by Google are bigger. Beware of the tools and services for the automation of external promotion. If you found these services, Google’s anti-spam team also knows about them.

Google does not like the text ads that transmits PageRank

If you purchase ads on any site, make sure it uses the attribute “rel=nofollow” for the links.

Google does not love advertising posts containing open links

Follow the golden rule: always use “rel=nofollow” if you paid for an article or an advertisement.

Google does not love articles or press releases that contain optimized links

If your article contains the following paragraph, the antispam Google algorithm check your website more detailed.

“On the market there are a lot of wedding rings. If you are planning to get married, then you need to choose the best ring. And also you need to buy flowers and wedding dress.”

Google does not like low-quality links from catalogs and social bookmarking

If you register your site to hundreds of catalogs that will not give you any visitors in return, it isn’t worth your efforts. Ignore such platforms. These links will not help your website to be ranked better in Google. If the catalogs give you visitors, then getting links are worth the efforts.

Google does not like mass links in footer

Some websites put anchor links in the footer. These links are always considered to be bad by Google. This does not apply such links in footer like “About Us” or “Delivery”, I mean links like “buy flowers” or “wedding rings”.

Google does not like links form widgets distributed on different sites

Some developers of widgets offer free widgets with links to other websites: “Visitors on this page: 1234 – buy a wedding ring”. It’s a bad type of links.

Google does not love comments on the forums containing some links in posts or in signatures

There are tools that automatically post comments on the forums.

“It’s really cool information! Many thanks!
buy wedding rings | buy flowers | best wedding “

Never use such a method for your website promotion.

Yes, there are lots of thing that Google doesn’t like. If you have some questions or comments, write them please.