25 reasons why visitors leave your site

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What motivates people to push the button “back” while visiting your website? Why they leave your website and what we can do with it?  Chris Lake tells about it in his blog.

So, 25 reasons why Chris Lake leave your website in 10 seconds.

The reasons why visitors leave your site

Music on the site (Autosound)

Autosound drives crazy the most visitors. When I came to a website and I’m instantly bombarded with an unexpected music or some voice, I leave this site immediately. These website are horrible!

Popup advertising

Can still be found on the sites despite the fact that it’s very old. If you want to bombard your visitors with pop-ups, they will leave you. The sooner you show it, the sooner you visitors will go. There is one moment: if popup is shown after 30-60 seconds, I can tolerate it if I found something interesting for me to your website.

Commercial spot (Interstitial)

Chris Lake writes that he don’t even visit Forbes because Forbes loves interstitials. No one likes waiting. Clicking the page people expect to be taken to that page instead of being dumped on a page with a giant advertisement on it.


Do you really want your visitors to load 10 pages to see 10 little pictures? Or to read TOP-5 list across 5 pages when it could easily be displayed on one page? Pagination is a parlor trick to increase the number of impressions of your ad on the site.

Slow page loading

I repeat once again: No one likes waiting! I pay for my Internet connection and I’m very sad when your slow pages waste my time. If I really want to visit your website, ok I’ll wait, but I visit your website for the first time because it seemed me interesting, I’ll leave it.

Ads vs content

It’s worse than slow page loading. Some webmasters place lots of ads before the content, that’s why the ads load faster than the main information of the website. Please keep eyes on it.

Bad navigation

Badly-organized navigation is one of the mortal sins which you can commit as webmaster and professional in web. Navigation needs to be descriptive and intuitive. The worst sinners create flash-based navigation.

Badly-described pages and links

If I can’t find answers on my questions I’ll search for them on some other website. To help people seek out the information they need is your job.

Absence of key information

Your website has to contain the information that visitors need. F.ex. hotels have to show details on room rates etc. The basic information must be at its place.

Requirement for immediate registration

Why? What for? Why right now? Maybe you’ll attract me with something at first?

Many sparkling rubbish

I can tolerate sparkling light only in nightclubs. Yes, it can attract attention but not in a good way.

Typing errors

Typos and illiteracy do not send the right signals to the visitor.

Ugly fonts

The fonts must be clear to understand. Some people write using fonts that I hardly understand texts written with this fonts. Be merciful please, use fonts for human.

Narrow sites

There are lots of sites in the Internet created for 800px monitors. Are you kidding, or you created this site for your personal use only?

Left-aligned sites

I don’t know the reason why you do that but stop please. It looks awful.


I like standardization but don’t copy the design of other site. Change something please. What for are you doing it?

Old information on the homepage

I want to see some signs of life on a homepage, for example, news or blog. Last news dated 10 Sept 2000 not interest me at all.

Lack of clarity

Visiting a site for the first time, I want to know where I am and what this site tells about. Describe short and clear about what is your site.

Jargon / PRspeak

No explanation. Just tell as polite man/woman. That’s all.

Browser issues

Analyse your website all the time! It must look good in all browsers. Did you hear about cross-browser-ness? Your website have to be adaptive to all tablets, desktops etc.


Chris Lake doesn’t like Falsh. He tells: “I only tolerate them in exceptional circumstances”.

No page “About”

Many websites avoid “About” page and I don’t know the reasons. Sometimes people visit site special for read this page.

Video-only websites

Use video telling about your website/company on the home page is good but as for me text version is better (not only for me, for SEO too).

Boring and unprofessional

Some sites are very boring. They have no personality. Some of the sites are far from visitors’ expectation. These sites have a high bounce rate.

Pages with bad contrast

Bad color scheme of the site can make difficult to read the texts. Will you spoil the vision? I don’t think so.

If you think that Chris Lake didn’t mention, write it please in comments under this article! Thank you!