Advices on optimization of HTML-code of websites

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Despite the fact that we judge about a website on the basis of its image, it’s wrong mention as we must take into consideration its interior and exterior characteristics. Exterior characteristics of a website are design and structure, its interior ones are its CSS styles and HTML code.

Creating a website, we often thing only about its design, style but we must also to pay attention to HTML code if in future you want to attract traffic from search engines.

This article is dedicated to the HTML code optimization to improve its visibility in the search engines.

Which sites need HTML code optimization

Discussing the question about the influence of validity of HTML code of pages on their ranking, many SEOs gives as example pages of popular brands such as search engines themselves. The main pages of Yandex and Google have more than 30 errors. It seems that even search engines don’t care about HTML code quality.

In this case, you need to understand that such services have other aims, their traffic sources are not search engines but the constant audience. You mustn’t look up to them. These services are no need in SEO.

SEO optimization of HTML is needed for website which audience comes from search engines.


Why the code is so important?

HTML code optimization is an important part of onsite search engine optimization. There are several items that connected with HTML code and that influence on the visibility of websites in search engine.

Robots have to analyze the code easy without any troubles

Easier the code the easier search bot can analyze your website and determinate the structure of the pages. Search engines can also analyze the difficult code but if you make the more easy life of bots, the more easy your website life will be.

Quick search for important elements

What important elements of the page you can name? First of all, it’s titles, navigation, content. If search engine easily finds all important elements of the page, the ranking of this page will be better.

Page speed

Search engines love high page speed; the websites with high page speed is upper in SERP. The more often the speed depends on the hosting and the using CMS but the code is also play a big role.

Availability of important elements for search engine bots

As I already said all important files and elements must be available for search engine bots. Flash elements, for example, complicate the robot’s access to the content.

To improve the availability of the code:

  • Check the validation code via
  • Try use flash and frame moderately
  • Rolling up navigation must be available for indexation
  • It’s better to use style for unusual fonts but not images

Indicator of the relevance of the text

The relevance of the text depends not only on the keywords presence but also on their position in content and tags.

  • Place important content higher in the code
  • Titles must be marked with tags h1 – h6
  • Write down tag alt in images