Basic search engine optimization mistakes

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Below is a list of common mistakes made by webmasters when optimizing the sites for Google or any other search engine. Read them to avoid stepping on other people’s rake further.

Basic search engine optimization mistakes

Ignoring SEO

It’s the biggest mistake. If you make a website for yourself and you like it, then the question about SEO can not take place, however, if you did a site to others, that is more likely in our commercialized world, and you want to attract an interested audience to your topic, then do not ignore SEO, do your best to ensure the optimum use of the Internet sector.

Ignorance of the rules of stay in the search engine index

If you want your site to rank well and to be in a search engine, you must first become familiar with its rules. Many webmasters complain that their website is blocked and they ask what to do. First of all, it is necessary to read Webmaster Guidelines in Google. To begin any SEO company, not knowing the rules of search engines, it would be like to try to please any person without knowing his tastes and outlook.

Unfinished website

Your site is still under development and, at the same time, you’re starting a SEO campaign? Do not make such a mistake. The goal of any SEO company is to attract the target audience (or conversion), and not just an occupation of good positions in search results. If visitors come to you from a search engine and don’t find what they were looking for, then you will lose a potential client. In this case, you spend your budget for website promotion not effectively.

One of the rules of SEO read as follows: optimization is the first, promotion after it. Make your site so that the percentage of failures was minimal. Even during maintenance work, try to make the stay of visitors on the website informative. Do your best for visitors back to you and recommend your resource to their friends.

Hurry and focus on robots

«The more haste, the less speed» is the best proverb in this case. Check your site by yourself, ask friends to test it and to point out all disadvantages. Your website should not content the broken links, images and non-existent pages. All forms have to work in all existing browsers. The navigation on the site should be comfortable and the content must be available. If your website will contain some things that people may not like, search engines also not like them. So, not hurry to promote your website, make sure that it’s useful.

Surfeit of keywords

Often, optimizing the site for search engines, SEOs completely forget about visitors, stuffing the page with keywords and making them unreadable. Try to create a useful and informative content of pages, using relevant keywords.

Use keywords according to their intended purpose

Tags H1-H6 are intended to specify titles. The most important of them is tag H1, it’s necessary to put in it the name of the page, which also includes the necessary keywords. It must be only one on the page.

Involving friends to quote your materials

Some site owners ask their friends: “Hey, I created a new website, write a review about it in your blog”. I want to say that you no need to do this if your site is really good. If it is informative and useful, people will write about it on their resources by themselves. And one more thing: if you will advertise your site on the same resources, the search engines won’t appreciate it.

Links to the friends websites on their request

Refer only to the resources that you recommend to your readers, if you want to avoid further problems with the filters of search engines. If a friend asks you to place a link, think twice.

The exception may take place if the websites of your friends and your website have the same subject or if you place their links on your site in the special section of “friends of the website” or “useful materials”.

Monitoring the statistics of visits

It is necessary to put a counter on the site for constant monitoring and collection of statistics of visits. If you don’t know what users are interested in, which of the pages of your site are the pages of input and output, which pages are more popular and so on. Thanks to statistics, you can always find out at what moment your content became popular, which was the reason or vice versa. Analyzing this data, you can make the right decisions.

Stop the promotion on a half-way

SEO is not a magic formula, using which you achieve instant success. SEO is a long and hard work. So, never stop and you will success.