Criteria of hosting that are important for website promotion

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Is the hosting is important for SEO? Sure! Hosting is the first element that you need to pay special attention when planning a SEO campaign. Why is it so and what features (criteria) of a host can play a good or bad role for website optimization. I described everything in that article.

Criteria of hosting that are important for website promotion


Search engine bot often comes to the website to find new pages for indexing. The larger the site, the more often it updates, the more frequently the robot comes to search for new content. If the server is unreliable, search engine cannot find the new pages and the old ones will disappear form index.

You need to be sure in the reliability of the selected host, in high uptime servers if you want to avoid problems with indexing. Without a reliable web host all the work done for SEO of the website can go down to drain. It is better to pay more but you need to be sure in operational stability of your site.


Server’s speed is the second important factor because it directly affects the number of indexed pages for a certain period of time as well as the behavioral characteristics of users and the rank of your pages in the search results. Hosting can be enough reliable but slow, it’s not good in the era of high-speed Internet and “heavy” sites.

The speed of DNS-servers is also important. After all, when you open a site, the request first goes to the DNS-servers and then to the server where the site is located. It would be better if DNS-servers is on the same server.


Physical server location (its geography) is also very important factor because it influences the length of the path for a data flow from the user and vice versa. In other words, the geography of the server is the first thing that will affect the page speed. So, it would be better to buy a good web hosting in the country where the main audience of the site is situated.

There are such cases that foreign hosting are much faster than the local. In this case, of course, it’s better to buy a foreign hosting.

Warning of zero balance

It’s also one of the most important factors influencing SEO. Some companies don’t warn you of zero balance and the payment period hosting finishes and your website will be turned off or deleted. This influence on SEO because when Google will index your website, he could think that it doesn’t work anymore, and your website will be removed from SERP.

The website owner can go into the trip and forget about his website. Hosting companies must warn you.

I hope that I helped you. If you have some questions or offers write in comments.