Funny post about Search Engine Optimization

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Today I decided to write a funny post about SEO. There is an absolute truth about the life of any SEO optimizer, an internet marketer … and a bit about designers.

Customers come up with a crazy idea…

SEO opt 15

“Sure. I will make you website quickly, efficiently and almost for free”

SEO opt 12

The customer says that he didn’t find copywriters yet but it’s necessary to write some content on the site, write a couple of articles … Well, that’s you who will do this.

SEO opt 13

We said to the designer that his layout is dreadful

SEO opt

But the designer can answer…

SEO opt 2

What does it mean that our website positions in SERP are gone??

SEO opt 3

Google made keywords not provided in Google Analytics!

SEO opt 4

When after the next update of Penguin, you need to remove 99% of all external links leading to your website

SEO opt 5

Clean the profile of backlinks of the site. Very carefully!

SEO opt 6

When you are sure that everything is under control but Google invites something new

SEO opt 7

And so Yandex cancels ranging of the backlinks

SEO opt 8

15 minutes before the project submission: “Yes, yes, I have everything ready. I drove up”

SEO opt 9

“AAAA!!! The project!”

SEO opt 10

And of course: Business before pleasure 😉

SEO opt 11