How to get in catalog DMOZ

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“How to get in catalog DMOZ” is popular question of the website owners. DMOZ is one of the most authoritative catalogs in the Internet. On one of the forums, DMOZ editor commented a question of working with application forms.

How to get in catalog DMOZ

First of all, he said that there are no reasons to register your website in DMOZ because it doesn’t give you anything. DMOZ is only popular name our days.

You can’t get there for money (if somebody ask you for money to get in DMOZ, he’s a scammer). There are few chances that your website will be accepted in this catalogue.

Your website never get in DMOZ if it’s:

  • Made for bots, not for users
  • Overloaded with spam
  • Overloaded with advertising
  • Content is useless
  • Not finished website
  • Copy of other website
  • etc.

So, you may to send your application form to DMOZ and forget about it during a half year. There so many websites that editors do not have time to check all of them at the time.