How to make a new article or a page being in TOP Google?

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The next way of making some articles or pages in TOP is better to use for not for all pages of the website but for the pages with an interesting and quality content. When the page will be in TOP, it starts to attract new visitors. How can we do this? If you want a page to be in TOP, you need to use all 4 ways of successful promotion: on-page factors, links, social factors and behavioral factors. Only with these four factors you will see your website’s page at the first page of Google search.

On-page factors

  • Content

Naturally, the page that you want to be in TOP must “deserve” to be in TOP. It must be more interesting and useful than other pages with the same theme. The page has to be informative, visitors coming to this page have to find information that they need to find. If your webpage doesn’t match to this description, there is no sense to promote it in TOP-10.

  • On-page optimization

If your page is ok with on-page optimization and the quality of content, it is in TOP-50 Google. TOP-50 is the main evaluation criteria on-page optimization of a single page. If you can’t find the page in TOP-50 it means that there is something wrong with this page and Google doesn’t like it.

However, what is TOP-50? Nobody won’t be satisfied with these indexes. Everybody wants TOP-10, TOP-5 or TOP-3.

Often the page is out of TOP-50 because of wrong keywords for this page promotion.

Backlinking factors

  • On-site

According my experience, I can say that interior links work good for the promotion of a new page. Every website page has its own rank that we can use. It costs nothing and takes the minimum time. At what pages it would be better to place links leading to promoting page? There is several methods to find relevant page.

  1. Internal links from relevant pages

Enter the next question in Google:

site: *needed search request*

You will see what pages are the most relevant for placing links.

Upper the page in search results, it is more relevant for search engines.

  1. Internal links from authoritative pages

Every page has its authority based on many different parameters (number of inside and outside links, number of mentions in socials, quality and relevance of the text etc.) New page has no authority. The scheme in this case will be the next: you need to place on the old page the links leading to the new one (the old page gives some part of its authority to the new one)

  • External links

If you want to make you a new page more authoritative, you need to place backlinks on the other sites similar by thematic. For example, you may place some links on the thematic blogs, forums and social accounts. Google appreciates this links because they are natural.

Social factors

References to the website’s pages in social networks affect positively on the rate of indexation and on search engine rankings. Social “likes” have positive psychological sense. However, it is important to know that it is not enough for being in TOP.

How can we get links from other social media to our account?

Your own accounts

The easiest way is to place announcements of the needed page with the link to your own site accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. If the accounts will be newly created, then they will not give any effect.

Behavioral factors

There are many behavioral factors.

  • The title of the page

The attractiveness of the title is one of the most important moments. The title is the first thing that the users see in search results. Seeing the title people make decision to visit or not to visit your website.

  • Snippet

Snippet is a page description in search results. It is important to make it short but informative. You may check snippets of your competitors’ website.

  • Time spent on the page

The longer visitors are on the page the better. This point is connected with the quality of content. If a visitor found useful and needed information, it will be a great advantage of your website.

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