Ideas for writing your website content

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Optimizing your website you need to pay a great part of attention to your website’s content. If handled properly every new article is a set of keywords and relevant requests with the help of which your visitors will find your website. The more unique text on the pages, the more chance that the content of your resource with its key phrases will be higher than others in the search results. The unique content is appreciated not only by the search engines, but also by visitors of your site. The position of your website (by low frequency and some medium frequency requests) in SERP, the number of subscribers to your feed and your website’s popularity are depend on the content. The unique content provides a number of other advantages.

However, sometimes, it is difficult to find ideas for writing the website content. This article contains a number of ideas that may help you to maintain the vitality of your resource and raise its popularity among visitors and among the search engines. Just note that the list of content sources mentioned above is not complete, and you can always supplement it in the comments of this post.

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The sources of content for the website

  1. Writing documentation

If you are good at something and can write about it detailed information, it’s a great way to attract the required audience. Documentation can be: conventional answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ), some usage guide and a detailed description of devices with bringing the table settings. For example, if you have a website about bicycles, it will good if you place there an article about the way to properly clean the chain, to change the camera and the tire and so on. People visiting your website find there useful information and subscribe for getting newsletters or recommend your website to their friends.

  1. News publication

Monitoring and publication of news on the subject of your site is a great way to keep interest of your visitors to your website. If you maintain the corporate website, it will be great to post news about your company, to write about your set goals and achievements, to place information about events, releases of new products etc. Despite the fact that the news with some time become no longer relevant, they play an important role at the time of actuality. Besides the usual search in the search engines, there is the search among news and blog that means that you can attract more visitors to your resource through the news content.

  1. Legal copy – past

If you think that some material on some other resource is convenient to you and you want to place it on your own website, you need to make sure that the owner or the author of the content is not against the deployment of his labors; and also you need to refer to the source in your article if you copied its information. In this case, users will be happy to your website for useful information and a link where they could find more information on the topic of interest. Search engines also appreciate relevant links.

  1. Import of content

In the Internet, there are lots of useful material on different thematic. The most of information is in and other US and European search engines and, for example, Russian search engines don’t have some of this information. Well, the Russian website owners can create their websites’ content translating US or European sources.

  1. Monitoring answers in Google or Yahoo

Answers in Google, Yahoo and in other search engines are good sources of ideas of writing websites’ content. Copywriting material based on the answers on social services will be relevant and could attract a large number of visitors to your website.

  1. Rewrite of articles

One of the ways to get a quality content on your website is to rewrite the existing articles from other sources. Rewriting means the change of the form without changing the sense, modification of content and adding there key-phrases. For not to overstep the boundaries of ethics, mention in your article the source of your ideas.

  1. Blogging

One more of the modern methods of getting content on your website is writing articles about all around you. Modern optimizers are quite familiar with this area, and search engines had to introduce additional search service for blogs.

  1. Monitoring trends in different communities

You need to be constantly aware of the fact that users search for about your subject. It is needed for you to have opportunity to write a popular and necessary content. To do this, you need to participate actively in discussion forums, dig-like websites, guest books and in the other social communities where you can discuss the interested subject.  The ability to integrate into the stream at the right time and in the right place is a necessary condition for increasing successfully the popularity of your site without any ads campaigns.

  1. Gathering the information

The next way to get a good content is to gather information on other different offline and online sources. It can be an interview with some professional in your domain, gathering information from journals and magazines, publishing information about conferences, presentations etc.

To crown it all, let’s notice that there are lots of different ideas for writing content and articles. The use of any methods of writing depends on the thematic of your website and of the type of your website. The best way to fill the site with content is to allow your visitors to do this by them self: commentaries, questions and advices, ratings etc.

If you have your own approach to write content, and you use it successfully share it with me in comments.

Good luck in copywriting!