Little things to do for fast increasing of SEO traffic

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Little things that can help you to make better your search traffic you will know in this article.

1.      Advanced snippets

Work with and advanced snippets is important for any website. It is especially important if the site is in TOP of search engines.

Important to pay attention to:

  • Rating
  • Price
  • Image
  • Description

These things are the most popular moments that can increase your website’s traffic coming from search engine results.

2.      Renewing

If you already have pages with some content on your website, you may renew it and this “operation” will help you to increase you search traffic.

  • Text content

If you renewed the text, you may show it to search engine bot. (When you have blog all last updates are fixing over the text: last updated Sept.2, 2015)

It shows users that your information is actual and the search engines as Google, Bing etc. see that you information is new.

  • Comments

If you have an online store, an article etc., it can be renewed with the help of new comments. It helps search engines to range better the website’s content.

  • Actual information

Actual content is very important for Yahoo, Bing, Google etc. Actuality of information depends on the date. So you can only change the date of the post to help to reindex page.

3.      Page speed

Page speed of any site really affects the grow of positions and traffic. To make the page speed better you need to work with server and its possibilities, compression of the content that slows down site’s speed, optimize all loadings.

The simple example: If your website has more than 100 000 visitors a day, you need to make a separate subdomain for pictures/images, another one for videos etc. You will see the remarkable changes in some time.  If your website has heavy content and many visitors, the servers are not worth saving. The most important is optimize HTML code, images, server works, use JavaScript and CSS.

In conclusion of SEO article:

These things are important if you want to grow your website visitors in a short period of time. It’s important to test it all for your own site and to be sure that these ways of optimization are convenient to your one.

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