Moving from a traditional strategy to a strategy of a complex SEO Internet Marketing or SEO for online business

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Making SEO, we often forget that we promote not the sites themselves but the company or the business as a whole. Maybe this trend came from the initial separation of the interests of owners of sites: the ones created the websites for some earnings, the others – for growing their business. Because of the difference of goals, used techniques were different but, mixing, they made a particular confusion in the minds of newly arrived online merchants.

Starting online, business owners just want to make a site with a single goal – to sell through the Internet. After some time, they realize that simply owning a site is not enough, you must be in Google generating new clients from there. They see the website work as follows:

complex SEO Internet Marketing Schema 1

Following the scheme above, site owners do not take into consideration the other channels to attract the target audience, the next problem surfaces: “SEO vs usability”, there are lots of barriers hindering the process where visitors become clients. This schema is profitable sometimes but it does not motivate the company to develop, and the business itself becomes routine in the pursuit of profit maximization. Below you can see a schematic image of a complex approach to internet marketing.

complex SEO Internet Marketing Schema 2

That schema looks more difficult but it takes into account a number of additional work required. Let us describe the image in detail.


Under the media, I mean the various channels to attract an interested audience. It’s not only search engines but social media networks, blogs, forums, thematic and other websites. The more the media are involved in driving traffic, the more visitors and the less dependence on a single channel.

When formatting the brand, the recognition of the company depends primarily on such factors as how often people are face with your name and how diverse these places, in the second turn it depends on recommendations and on the quality of services provided.

Search Engine Optimization For Business


Visitors to the site, they are different people. It’s necessary to analyze the website to understand better who often visits the site and for what purpose, what questions visitors want to see solved on the site, where they come from etc. The better we understand visitors, the easier we will provide services for them and carry out other activities.

Company website or online store

The website should be constructed in a way to solve the assigned problems (each website has their own), to motivate visitors to use the services, to meet the needs of visitors.

When creating a site, you cannot to take into consideration some things that’s why it’s necessary to analyze constantly website. Depending on how we provide our website to the public, the audience will be divided into several areas.

Nobody, lost visitors

That are those people who have left the site without doing anything useful for us. Maybe they will never return. Analyze the reasons why people leave your site.

The website owners are not interested in such kind of visitors, that’s why we need to do the best to make this type of visitors less frequent.

Competitors and detractors

Detractors, after visiting the site or after using some service, want to harm you in any way. In most cases, they post a negative feedback about your website on other resources. It is necessary to reduce the number of dissatisfied users but you can’t avoid them at all. Therefore, in addition to providing quality service, you need to monitor Internet for a variety of reviews and references, to fight the negativity and to earn a positive reputation.

Constant readers

Constant readers want to be aware of what is happening on the site or in the company. They constantly read the blog or commodity positions, monitor your social profiles etc.

Some website owners confuse readers with the first group (lost user) because they do not see any benefit from this audience. Nevertheless, this is an important category of people as some of them may be competitors and potential customers. Readers often provide feedback and recommend the site to acquaintances.

To form such a group of visitors, you need to have a dynamic site, such as blog or news website.

Fans and followers

Fans is the most loyal audience of the site. They love your website, your services, your approach, your posts etc. They even can not to be your clients but they make a lot of support – leave comments, put “likes”, recommend your services to friends and so on. It’s important for fans that the website is socially optimized.

Clients or customers

Customers that people we created the website for. They are the most valuable. You need to pay most attention to them. Pushing the button “Pay” means that the user started to trust you. It’s necessary to maintain the trust.