Myths about Google PageRank

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Every webmaster wants to have high PR for its website. Today I want to explode myths about Google PageRank.

myths about page rank

Myth 1: PageRank is an important factor in Google ranking

In ranking Google uses several hundreds of factors. PageRank is not one of the most important factors. PR shows Google’s opinion. Is the page is enough good or not.

Myth 2: Higher PageRank, more traffic you have

Don’t wait increase of traffic after PR of your website becomes higher. Real PR constantly updates, when new backlinks appear. Traffic of your website can change from time to time; it doesn’t directly depend on PR.

Myth 3: Outgoing Links decrease PR of the page

Some webmasters don’t place links on their websites or hide them with tag “nofollow”. PR depends not only on outgoing links but on ingoing ones.

Myth 4: More backlinks, higher PR

PR depends not only on the quantity of the backlinks but also on their quality. I mean their PR. I have already written about it in my article “What is PageRank”.

formula PR

Myth 5: Pages with high PR is more appreciated

Yes, they are more appreciated but toolbar PageRank is not the current value of this parameter, but only the last figure after the last upgrade.

A bit of humor on the subject PageRank:

  • Dad what will be PR if I bought 3 backlinks with PR3?
  • Son, it is very simple! Look, I’ll show:

PR joke