Promotion in social networks or just SMM (Social Media Marketing)

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What is the promotion through social networks and how does it help?


Improves the reputation of the company out of its website

For the websites whose primary purpose is the sale of goods or services via the Internet, it is very important to have positive feedbacks about their resource. After all, the more good reviews on blogs, forums, communities, social networks – the more willing to come to buy this or that product on the site. Nowadays any user is fully aware that the product is better to choose basing on the actual users reviews that can be found on the Internet.

Increases positions in search results (in SERP)

Links and references in social networks greatly affect the positions in any search engine. I recommend to carry out a complex promotion in this domain. This is more effective when it comes to all the SE in general, moreover, it looks natural and allows you to be always on top of the popularity.

Ability to attract new targeted visitors

You can get clients from the social networks like you get them from the search engines. Moreover, the clients from the social networks are often much more valuable than those that came from the SEs. These visitors come already for specifics, they are motivated and they are at the product selection stage, that is, the half of the marketing work is done. That’s why the sales promotion in social networks is extremely effective.

Creation of the permanent audience of the site

An important feature of visitors from the social networks lies in the fact that the majority of users are very likely to return to your site again and again, if they are added to your group or become your follower in a social network.

Create a feedback

I mean creation of connection between the administration or the website owner and its audience. Customers will be able to express their opinions concerning the site, its products and its services, to refer to some discomfort, disadvantages or vice versa to identify the strengths of the business that may become a great advantage in the future.

Excellent prospect of the website development

If you want to maintain and develop your project for a long time, you should focus on future prospects. Social projects in the network will obviously have become increasingly important in the overall concept of Internet marketing.

In short, your actions:

  1. Permanent posts with pictures, links to the material;
  2. Polls;
  3. Share the results of the poll;
  4. Messages for discussions;
  5. Regular cleaning of spam.