Search engine optimization and promotion of new sites through the eyes of beginning optimizers.

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Beginners promoting their new sites in search engines, create many errors based on the wrong approach to optimization. In this article, I would like to find out what mistakes the beginning optimizers make and to clarify the concept of “optimization” and “promotion”.

When optimizing a site, beginners do not pay enough attention to internal factors: content on the pages, headings (title), text formatting, relinking, and so on. Trying to promote the site by external factors, they use only catalogs or classifieds. As a result, they not improve but only make the situation of the resources worse and polluting the whole Internet. Inexperienced SEOs do not do the trick to get to the TOP.

Mistakes in SEO

Adding a site to search engines

“Add.url” of search engines allows you to add a site to a particular search engine. In 99% of cases you can do without this step, as the search engines will add your website to the index anyway when they find the link to your site. Hand-site registration is needed only in cases of SEO experiments when you need accounting only internal factors and the absence of external.

Registration in catalogs

Catalogues have played an important role a few years ago when search engine algorithms were not so perfect than they do now. If you have ever read the definition of the citation index, you should be aware that not all links are good.

Sometimes, of course, when the catalogs give a minimal effect, you can find acceptor by the text of the link, but not in the first place, the first place is often occupied by the donor; it  indicates that you waste the time on this kind of optimization. Is not necessary to remember the black and white directories, they are all equally useless to honest projects. If you really want to add sites to some catalogues then you need to use the trust resources such as DMOZ and some others, where in addition to the weight, you also get additional traffic to your site.

You have to know that the existence of the catalogues in the Internet is the work of cheaters who want to earn money deceiving inexperienced optimizers. Imagine the next situation. I have a network with 200 different catalogs (many of them have the same information at My consultations about SEO cost about $80-100 per hour. During the consultation, I advise you a man who promise you not less than 200 backlinks for $10, he tells you beforehand that some of the links may fall. I place all these links on my website, I receive from you money for consultation, for links and you will act as publisher of my services. Are you happy, I’m happy, everyone is happy, but nothing changed because search engines don’t like these links and your website can get punishment from search engines. There are lots of cheaters.

If the website could be in TOP, there are no stock of links exchange where optimizers have to invest a good budget.

Adding the website to classifieds and forums.

This method is not very effective and can cause getting filter on the website because of sharp increase of the backlinks, it is called the active promotion. When calculating indicators PageRank, Alexa Rank and other indexes are not took into consideration by search engines. Only in rare cases, the links from forums can play a role, this is usually occurs when your backlinks are from the well-moderated sites.

Optimization and promotion

Search engine optimization and promotion are different notions. Optimization involves primarily an internal website optimization is to rewrite the text on the pages, maybe even change the design (to improve the html code), relinking of the sections of the site, adding relevant articles etc. In other words to optimize the website and its pages so that search engines love it.

Promotion is something different; it includes the external factors and the attracting more customers not only from search engines but also from other thematic sources. As a result, the audience of your website will be qualitative (thematic) and conversion of visitors to customers should increase. In this case we can do without changing he design of the website, as not every visitor will become a customer, it is necessary to facilitate the steps, if he is interested in your company.

In case of the promotion of the website, you need to apply an approach when people have relied on you and quoted your website in thematic groups. You should provide information on the site most clear, and to make it appear that your company is very solid, has good reviews, reputable clients, examples of works, and so on.

The problem of many beginning optimizers is that they all use basically promotion and few people optimize the site for specific requests.

In summary, I will repeat that the main mistakes of beginning optimizers are the next wrong opinions:

  • Catalogs can help in optimization and website promotion;
  • Adding website to classifieds will increase the PageRank and improve the position in the SERP;
  • Registration in the search engines will increase the indexing of your site by search engines and show that you constantly work and update your site that improves search engine’s attitude to the resource;
  • Participation in programs of contextual advertising somehow affects the position of the site in search results;
  • Banners somehow connected with search engine optimization.

Beginning SEO optimizers should pay attention to:

  • Content/text on the pages;
  • Interlinking;
  • Visibility of the site by search engines;
  • Easy navigation for bots;
  • Optimal format of the text;
  • Unique content and titles;
  • etc.