SEO audit. Is it necessary or not?

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Let’s start with the word “audit”. What that exactly is? Audit is a checklist that your site needs. Before starting your online business you need to  check if everything works good at your website, agree? SEO-audit is created for it. There is a list of important things that you need to check firstly. SEO audit helps you understand if your website is ready for SEO promotion. What mistakes are often met?

SEO audit

Mistakes in TAGs Title, Description, Keywords

  • Titles of the pages must be unique. Search Engine may consider them formed automatically and remove out from search results;
  • The same rule is actual for TAGs Description and Keywords;
  • Titles won’t be too long, every search engine see only 62 symbols;
  • Titles have to begin with promoted keywords;
  • Don’t use inverted commas.

Non-unique content

I already wrote about importance of unique content. You may read about it in my other articles about SEO.


Many CMS create open for index duplicate pages: version for printing, with slash or without it, with www. and without etc. Your visitors won’t notice that but search engine bot won’t be happy with that. Duplicates must be hidden from index in robots.txt.

Absence of updates

Any site needs to be updated with new articles, information, news, products etc. You need to stay in limits; I mean you won’t publish a thousand of articles at once.


Every place where spammers can place some links, comments and messages they do this. You need to protect your website. Spam at your website is bad sign for search engines. Not only spammers can make your website bad for search engines, you can make it by yourself. Don’t use many keywords on one page, the frequency keywords’ usage in text must be 4-6%

Broken links

You can find the broken links of your website in Google Webmasters or with the help of numerous programs.

The ratio of the total number of pages and the number of indexed pages

The ideal situation is when the ratio of the total number of pages and the number of indexed pages are equal. You can check it by different ways: in Google Webmasters etc. If the site has many pages, they will be added in index bit by bit, if the difference between real number and indexed is big there are some mistakes. You need also to check all pages that mustn’t be in index.


Links form video hostings you can place. Never place links to images from different websites. Copy the images on your server, it would be better.

Unattractive URLs

URLs have to be convenient to the domain. Remove URLs like /?=35wt4t etc. The URL have to contain keywords. Devise words in URL you need only “-”

Curve layout

TAGs have to be closed. Never use more than one h1 on the page. Images have to contain Alt and Titles.

Slow page speed

The website page speed may be slow because of some errors in server settings or errors in CMS settings. Google don’t like slow websites. Information about page speed you may find in Google Webmasters, Google Analytics and Google Developers.

Absence of 404 page (Page Not Found)

It’s important to set up 404 page. When users will request nonexistent page, 404 page will take place.


Robots.txt is the file with the instructions for search engines. It allows or disallows index of some pages to search engines. In file Robots.txt, there must be the main mirror of the website with www. or without www.


I already wrote about it in my previous articles about SEO. The links can transfer the authority from less important page to more important like the main page. The links mustn’t be circle: Page recipient does not have to refer back to the page-donor.

Expires header

This meta tag shows to search engine bot what the page will expire and when the page will be updated. The bot can set up for itself the period when it can index that page the next time.


You need to be sure that data on your website does not duplicate the data from another website. Search engines don’t like duplicate content and your website may be punished for the duplicate content. You never be in TOP if search engine find at your website: the same phone number as at other website, e-mail, the name of the company, the same design etc.