Seven recommendations for Search Engine Optimization of any new website for 2015.

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We will examine seven necessary moments of SEO for new websites. Using them, you can receive from desire SEO result.

1.      Mobile Friendly

Starting from April 1, 2015 Google will appreciate websites that well displaying on all types of mobile gadgets.

It’s important because:

  • To be ranked upper in Google Search Results
  • To increase the websites conversion rate

Visitor coming to your website via mobile search results can find needed information and get satisfied by, for ex.:

  • Reading an article
  • Ordering some service/product
  • Subscribing for the latest news

2.      Technical website optimization

Before starting the project, it’s important to check all needed moments connected with technical website optimization.

  • Empty pages and pages that must be hidden from being indexed;
  • Interlinking on the website, level of nesting, amount of incoming and outgoing links;
  • Website backlinks;
  • Response codes;
  • Server errors;
  • Errors connected with URL address;
  • Titles of all pages (empty or duplicate);
  • Images on the site etc.

To complete successfully technical website audit by yourself, you need to understand all important moments that you need to pay attention.

Important: You need to pay a great attention to technical optimization of your website, it influence on the website positions in search results.


  • Absence of duplicate pages
  • Page speed
  • Ping (Speed of Server’s response)
  • Redirects
  • Other errors of the website

There are lots of examples when the website position in Google grow only after the technical audit.

3.      Structure and Semantic

Nowadays the wide semantic kernel like some trend but it always was important.

What does it mean?

Before starting to index your website or before creating your website, you need:

  • Create a sensible website structure;
  • According the structure, create a semantic kernel.

After that, basing on these data, create your website.

What is important to know?

Google range better those pages that give response not only for 1 request but for several.

On that basis, it’s better to create the structure and collect keywords basing on it for SEO.

In the wake of it:

  • Response to main users requests
  • Also users’ negative voices
  • High conversion
  • More content
  • Better ranging
  • More link juice for this page

It is important not only for commercial sources but for informative.

4.       Backlinks.

It’s important to know that it would be better to:

  • Increase backlinks’ number smooth;
  • Keep dynamics;
  • Focus on the quality etc.

It needed to put the links of your website on thematic and news websites.

What you need to pay attention to creating backlinks?

General methods:

  1. Anchor list

It’s important to know that Google reacts fast on anchor links. In the result, the website gets manual and automatic penalties Google Penguin and the search traffic lose its positions in search results.

That’s why it’s needed to:

  • Create natural backlinks;
  • Use anchor very accurate and rare.

Your main aim is to create the max natural back linking profile and your website will generate search traffic for a long period of time.

  1. Quality of “sites-donors”

Quality is more important than quantity.

Good quality links have the next characteristics:

  • It’s hard to get it (it can be bought through the link exchange market)
  • The website is spammed with many links
  • Quality and quantity domains leading to it
  • Good attendance ratio
  1. Different sources

Under that, I mean types of the websites: blogs, media, social media, forums etc.

5.      Content

Good-quality content is important for all types of sites.

It’s important to satisfy a visitor with your content:

  • Give him information he’s interested in
  • Give full and quality response on his question

Such a content will influence positively on your website’s positions and search traffic.

Important moments:

  • Usability= value
  • Content (Texts sizes)
  • Structure

6.      The Time

It’s important to understand that good results need some time.

There are some moments like:

  • Google Sandbox
  • Trust of the site
  • Methods and ways of promotion
  • Budget for the promotion

Terms depends on:

  • Particularity of the niche
  • SEO budget
  • Strategy of promotion

7.      Use other sources of visitors from the start.

You don’t need focus only on search engine, you need also set up Google Analytics and test other sources of traffic.

For example:

  • Context ads
  • Social media
  • Remarketing etc

The context ads gives you the results almost immediately if you have a commercial website.

If you sell some services or products you need to have the budget for:

  • Articles on popular websites
  • Context ads
  • Social Media

Articles will generate conversions immediately.

To crown it all, I would like to say that if you really want to achieve some results, you need to keep in your mind these seven rules. It helps you to avoid problems at the start.