The influence of social networks on the ranking of Google

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Promotion in social networks already ceased to be a fashionable trend. Today, it is an effective communication channel with the help of which you can form an opinion about brand, increase traffic, increase sales. During the last two year, Google is trying to actively use these social beacons of existing social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google +. How the parameters like, tweet and share influence on the ranking parameters.

influence of social networks on the ranking of Google

Let’s start with the fact that Google officially confirmed the influence of Facebook and Twitter on the ranking, and SEOMoz included them in their annual research and tried to find this effect. Regular work with SMM can help a new website to be upper in SERP without kissing up to more authoritative old resources. More people like your profile in social networks, more Google will appreciate you. Social factor is working and must be taken into account if you decided to start your website promotion in search engines.

For example, Twitter now become one of the most popular social networks (microblogging service); it’s an indispensable channel for communication and exchange of useful links.

Search engines cannot ignore the similar service with daily-generated thousands of megabytes of content, where there are emotional signals that can tell the attitude of visitors to a particular company, article or service. Webmasters know that links from Twitter accelerate the indexing of pages, and positively affect on search results despite the fact that they are closed by tag “nofollow”. Links on Twitter are useful for the website SEO and promotion.

Google + is enough young social network but Google “loves” this social media and sometimes you can find in SERP official page G+ of some company upper in SERP than the company official website.

SMM is important part of SEO and you need to pay attention to SMM while promoting the website in Search Engines.