The secret of websites high conversion (rate)

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The conversion rate is an important metric when we talk about it right usage. Below, I offer my vision of this parameter, as well as ways to increase the conversion. But first, look at the effective sales techniques.

conversion rate

Running your online business (online sales) everyone has a wish to integrate with people and to motivate them to make sales or some actions. To make it real you need to remember the basic principles and the main steps that you need to take for accomplishment a successful sale. These are five basic steps:

  • Search for customers
  • Creation and maintenance of a contact
  • Needs assessment
  • Presentation of your product or service
  • Deal consummation

All five phases are very important and the quality of their performance depends on successful deal consummation (the conversion). I will explain you the analogy of these steps to the steps in internet marketing.

  1. Search for customers

Potential customers are visitors; you can attract them to your website by various methods, for example using:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Context advertising (PPC)
  • Direct marketing
  • Affiliate programs, affiliate sites
  • Search marketing (SMO)
  1. Creation and maintenance of a contact

Contact with your users is established with the help of usability (ease of use) of the site. People like to be in comfort. The more comfortable they will feel themselves at your website, the more they will trust you. Comfort can be expressed not only in design but also in ease-in-use and readability of content, in the presence of contact details on the site.

  1. Needs assessment

You need to know what for the visitors come to your website. You need to analyze it all the time, providing interviews, tests and polls. You have always to provide support to your users, answer their questions etc. Set up some counter at your website to analyze the statistics of visits.

  1. Presentation of your product or service

If you have an online store, in this case the presentation is a page with photos and description of goods, reviews and comparative characteristics. If you have a noncommercial project, the presentation may be any site’s content such as articles.

  1. Deal consummation

Deal consummation is the addition of goods to cart and payment, subscription for feeds, or reading some material or a book. In other words, it is an execution of the final stage in fulfilling the goal.

What is the conversion?

The conversion rate is the ratio of the number of visitors of the site that completed some targeted action to the number of unique visitors over some period of time.

Conversion = (Number of targeted goals achieved) / (Number of unique visitors)

What the goals can be?

The goal can be any reason which your site was created for. Most often it is the number of orders or the number of subscribers. For non-commercial sites the goal may even be the number of people read the article, news or instructions.

Goals can be classified according to their sales steps above. For example, some sites owners interested only in finding visitors. Maybe these resources are experimenting and studying the statistics, or there are sites that earn displaying banners or other advertising. For the owners of such sites it is very important that many people visit their website. If we consider the goals from the perspective of the second step – creation and maintenance of a contact, you can cite as an example the sites of companies and people interested in the formation of reputation, enhancing of the credibility of the site or the entire company. Often you can see such actions among politicians, earning the trust of people in the Internet.

The third step is the needs assessment. In this step, the target may be the analyst, statistical research, market analysis. For this purpose, site owners arrange a vote, forums and so on.

When presenting the product or content the target can be purchase or recommendation of your goods to visitors’ friends, maybe just informing the person or formation of a certain ideology.

And of course, the target can be committing great deals, call to the office etc.

How to measure conversion?

I have already written above the formula to calculate the conversion. Why I indicate only unique visits in the formula? If we calculate the conversion (the difference between) of unique and non-unique visits, the first one will be bigger than the second one; it show core correctly how your website is well as people do not always buy goods immediately. Sometimes people need time to ask somebody about your website, look for reviews, return to clarify the details of the product, then consult with his wife/her husband and, after that, the customer maybe buy something.

When calculating the conversion, it is important to choose the exact period, for example, a week or a month. Unique visitors should be considered within this period.

Checking statistics of the website changes every month you always will stay on top of the trends and the effectiveness of the campaigns, the effectiveness of the promotion on search engines etc. The conversion rate may vary depending on the season.

Increase the website’s conversion

Increasing the website’s conversion means to increase sales, so it is necessary to take into account the listed five steps performing them as efficiently as possible. Some companies use such a scheme:

SEO -> Presentation of your product or service -> Deal consummation

They ignore the second and third steps; it reduces the overall conversion rate. Increase of website conversion is possible only with hard work on each step towards the goal increasing the steps’ quality.

  1. It is necessary to attract visitors from different sources and analyze the effectiveness of various traffic sources, the effectiveness of a particular campaign. Maybe for one type of business is better to use SEO, for another – contextual advertising, for the third one – social interaction in networks and forums, some other type of business may require special methods for attracting visitors, for example, a corporate blog.
  2. You need to do all necessary so that the visitor feel as comfortable as possible on the site. If you are using advertising pop-ups or unreadable text, it will reduce the conversion rate and will increase the bounce rate.
  3. Find out what it is the first you need to provide your website visitors. What they were searching for at your website? Each group of the requests have to be used in the content of its own landing page.
  4. Visitors have easily understand information about your goods and services. Use a clear description with pictures and graphics if necessary, use comparative characteristics with other products or brand names, tell about the advantages, and publish reviews about products and services provided. If a visitor likes your “presentation”, he probably will buy your product or service.
  5. Terminate the presentation in time; provide all amenities to complete the deal, if the client is ready for it. Do not overload the visitor with information, give him a chance to see and press the button “buy” or “subscribe”.